With Eyes Cast Down
by padma

please tell me the way I can be a friend
with eyes cast down, I stand before you
I bathe your feet in rose coloured water
and bring leaves and garments, swans and flighted birds.
let us sit now on rugs and woven fabrics
until they become like sand and stream

absolute this time, without substance, care, or love,
sleep now that I may rest,
sleep in clasped fingered silence
we talents of the air, soft and tongued
in this mist of times remembered,
present of times, remembered.

Setting available for bassoon, piano, harpsichord, viola and women's voices.
Recording by Rachael Elliott to be released in 2011...details to follow.

Padma & Clogs at Tonic, New York City. November 2005. Photo: Brooklyn Vegan


Dog Pooh Corner in Seattle
by padma

Line to the door. Line for the poor.

Got my lunch on Tuesday,
My dinner on Wednesday,
Friday saw a box of groceries and the like.

And the watermelons made them smile,
When they hardly ever ever smile,
And the big blue drunken Buick, or a Chevy with a lazy man in the seat.

It made them smile, it makes me smile.

Line to the door. Line for the poor.

Dog pooh corner in Seattle,
With infinity comes a song.
Two jesters, a mandarin cat, sat looking at an empty space.
Along came a man and a dog,
The man pees while the dog watches on,
At the Tuesday lunch line at the door,
At the Tuesday line to the door for the poor.

Caw, caw cry the crows, ah, ah.
Two Jesters.
Caw, caw cry the crows, ah, ah.

And in the last glimpse, I saw the mountains through the city smog.

From Unattended Shadow, for Mixed Ensemble and Children's Choir, © Padma Newsome, 2011.


(Click on snapshots, above, for full size image)                                        © Mirranda Burton 2001

A Gentler We
by padma

I prefer a gentler we,
I prefer a quieter presence.
Some small transient gathering upon an evening wooden reach.
A moment where dwindling lives beneath a severe moon
Cast their ashes upon some New England mudded pond

The best memories are those that linger by choice
or by casual Autumnal imprint
Skeletal leaves, little Cara's hand, or the brush of the Conifer in my ears.
Not some jagged bloodied scar thrust deep into the soil,
And the leaves sharp shudder at our passing.

A setting of this poem may be heard on Clogs' 2003 album, Lullaby for Sue,
available at Amazon, Brassland, CD Baby and others.

Coastline near Mallacoota, Victoria.


© Padma Music 2012